Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Letter for My Daughter

As a family member of Kristena Marie Strum, I am writing this letter in support of her application for scholarship. 

Kristena has survived terrible tragedy in her life, but has persevered and become a wonderful woman, student, and mother. As a young girl she was raised in a single parent home with only her mother, and is the youngest in two surviving children of her family.  The death of her older sister and brother marked her greatly;  but in her grief she turned to education and service, which allowed her to heal giving her the opportunity to guide many others, including her own family members to healing.   

As well, Kristena is as survivor of relationships that were not only severely abusive and violent, but life threatening; requiring her to go into hiding and rebuild her life.  This she has done most admirably.  Along with raising two beautiful, intelligent, healthy children in a home with love and learning; she has also graduated with an associates degree as Phi Beta Kappa in the top of her class. 

In the pursuit of education and service Kristena has been invited to speak on several occasions concerning her life changing survival and education success, with an emphasis on the importance to rebuild and carry on.  In doing so Kristena shows great capability in organization, time management, study habits, work and home life with a love and passion for education.  She exhibits strength in surviving and building a new.  Her commitment to education goals is exemplary; and it is of genuine importance to complete goals in neuro psychology.  

It is of my personal opinion, if a scholarship were going to be given to a survivor who would show the best promise for success, Kristena would succeed on every count. I say that not because I am a family member, I say that because I have seen her survive, I have seen her turn her life around and become a new woman.  The life of Kristena Strum, seeing all that she has been through and all that she has accomplished, makes me want to be a better person and encourages me in my own life of survival.  It is my hope and desire that she will be considered for this great honor, as it will be put to the best of use by her tenacious efforts. 

With Regards,
Dawn Freeman