Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Am His Friend

When it is time for me to write or I'm asked to write for a webpage, I like to spend my evenings outside perched in my comfy chair, nestled beneath a tent of trees, feeling the evening breeze as I listen to the songs of life flowing from the birds. It is here that I can ponder and reflect on the teachings given to us and find something that I hope touches the hearts of readers. This week, I pondered many days, waiting for that magic verse to pop into my head and then commence to writing. However, it wasn't a verse this time, that kept coming to my mind, but people. Those people new and old that have befriended me over time or done something special for me at a time when I needed it the most. Often it was just a simple "hi how are you," that made the difference of my day, and it was all these people that kept running trough my mind as I sat, and it was, that I became quite humbled, even to tears.

I personally have had many a dark hour in my short but eventful 47 years. Some of them so dark, that I thought I would not survive; yet, it was during these times that I have received one of my greatest gifts. I have recieved those who have held me up, and called me friend.

Some of those people I remember went to great personal lengths; to lift my head up, and carry me until I could and can, begin to carry myself. It is the very thought of these people that causes me to dwell upon others; those that do not personally know me, but in the way of friendship, have touched my life. The neighbor that waves and smiles, a drive by hug or comment or thought given over the internet, a stranger offering to carry my bags; so many times I have been blessed with simple acts of kindness and friendship that I could never begin to count them. I find myself a truly rich person, being filled by the light of Christ through others, through friends.

In the New Testament John 15:12-15 it states: "This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, ye are my friends if ye do what I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth, but I have called you friends for all things I have heard of my father, I have made known unto you.'

He calls us his friends, have you ever thought of your relationship with Christ in those terms, "I am his friend." If Christ calls us his friends, and does for us all that he does, are we not exhibiting the finest qualities of being Christlike, if we are friends to others whether we know them personally or otherwise.

It could be someone you know well, or maybe its someone you don't know at all that could simply need a smile. One never knows the need of another, or how something so simple may be the one thing that keeps them going for another day; and have you ever thought that by giving that little smile, you were acting as Christ?

If Christ calls us friends and we befriend others; whether it be with a simple smile or holding someone up when they are down, we act upon the principles that he has set forth for us to love one another, we act upon the principles of friendship, we then, act the same as Christ. Each one of us are his messengers, filled with his light and sent forth to give to each other in times of need. When we do this, we are giving the same as if we were him.

I implore each of us to ponder this throughout our days and rather than engage in a hurried life thinking only of what little time you have with so much to do; make yourself aware of those around you, those that might need a friend. Not only will you be acting in a loving Christlike manner but I guarantee, that when its your turn, you will not be alone.

"Ye are my friends if ye do what I command.." "This commandment I give you, that ye should love one another as I have loved you..." What a beautiful message of Love and Hope. A message that I pray will touch our hearts as I leave it humbly with you this day, with much gratitude in my heart for all those that have befriended me in some way or another; in the name of Jesus Christ, even the son of God, Amen.

With Love From Dixie....


  1. Beautifully written Dawn. Love you, jenn keller

    1. Love you too Jenn! and miss you :)

    2. and thank you soooo much for reading!! and for your comment!!!

  2. Dix as allways theres a message in your writings,
    plese keep them coming