Saturday, November 8, 2014

As Missionaries Do.....

 Proclaiming the Gospel to the world; every member a missionary; how often as Latter-day Saints do we hear these statements.  Why do we hear these statements?

 We hear them because we have received a commission from the Lord that as members of the church we pledge ourselves to the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have promised to be missionaries.
But how do we do that in the right way without offending without pushing people away?

 First we need to be mindful that there are good and devout people among all sects, parties and denominations and they will be blessed and rewarded for all the good they do.  However we need to keep in mind that we alone as latter-day saints have the fullness of the laws and ordinances which prepare people for the fullness of reward in the mansions above.

 Thus we must say to the good and to the noble, to the upright and the devout; keep all the good you have cleave unto every true principle which is now yours but come and partake of the further light and knowledge which that  God who is he same yesterday today and forever is again pouring out upon his people.  In this way we maintain and recognize their beliefs and the good in those beliefs while offering to add upon them.

The gospel is for all the people it is the sole hope of the world, the one way that will bring peace on earth.  It is our responsibility to use our strength energy and influence to proclaim the gospel to everyone everywhere.

It is also important to remember that the Lord is using many, for his work is not confined to the Latter-day Saints alone.  He has called many outside the church and given them power and inspiration to fulfill his work.  Yet while remembering this we are not to forget that we as Latter-day Saints are a power in the earth for good and for the spread of the truth and the establishment of peace among all nations.

Our instructions for this our mission?  First to remember our mission, which is to proclaim the gospel. 

We are to preach the doctrines of salvation as they are in the scriptures  With simplicity and directness prayerfully and guided by the spirit.  We are to respect our Father's other children of all sects, parties and denominations and have no desire except to see them receive the added light and knowledge that has come to us by revelation and to become with us inheritors of the great blessings of the restoration of the gospel. 

There are no cures for the ills of the world except the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our hope, the hope of the world, for peace, for prosperity, and for life in the kingdom of God is found only in the restored gospel.  We must so let our lights shine with proper attitudes, living Christ like lives, then our examples will testify and thus our testimonies will save and grow the kingdom of Heaven.

 Dixie Dawn Michelle 2014

Written for Relief Society November 2014 Lesson 22

Resources:  Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith