Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flight Attendant To Be

Hello everyone, i wanted to apologize for not posting. I am in the middle of flight attendant training for American Eagle and I must say, it is the most intense thing I've ever done. I have to time to do anything but study and pray I sleep at night! :) I am set to graduate March first providing I pass all the required examinations and training with a minimum score of 90 percent or better. So I will return in my blog posting then, and I am asking you my friends, for your prayers. I want this more than anything I've ever done or attempted to do, this is my goal and what I want for my life. Not making it would be a crushing blow, therefore I am doing all that I can, anything that I must, to succeed. So your prayers will aid be greatly in my endeavors. I am not thinking that I will fail but looking forward to wearing that uniform and graduation! I pray you all will join me in this effort. At the same time there is always that little bit of fear in me, and if for some reason, it is not Heavenly Father's will for me to do this and I do fail, I also pray you will be here with me to deal with the pain. With that said, I WILL NOT FAIL!!! :))

Now I have my first test tomorrow and so I"m off to study, thank you so much for your love and support and I hope we will one day be flying together!

What did I learn today? Have hope, faith and no fear the Lord is with me in all things!

What will I remember? There are so many things I've learned in the last week about myself that the memories are too much to list, but I'm so grateful for each one of them.

Whats to come? Wearing my wings!!