Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Servant for a Day

This is a continuation of The Invitation, a  previously posted blog challenge.  We are now on Day 3.  Please feel free to read the other days and start at anytime!

 All material is original blog material written by Dixie.  Scripture suggestions are from my personal study, all thoughts and challenges are from my personal history and my future as I too continue to strive for more closeness to Christ.

Thought for the day:  Throughout his life, Jesus was of service.  All he said and did was for others, and he radiated compassionate goodness as He ministered among men.  Among so many things, He brought strength to the limbs of the cripple, sight to the eyes of the blind, hearing to the ears of the deaf, and life to the body of the dead.  His kindness and understanding to the woman taken in adultery taught compassionate understanding.  He spent his time preparing those he ministered to for their journey, and he continues today in are ever needful circumstances to heal, show compassion, and minister to us.  Indeed He is truly of service.  Thus, in striving for perfection, in our need to become more like him, we must gain an understanding and practice the principle of service.  True disciples of Christ do likewise as he does.  It not only will heal our hearts, make us strong, fill us with love and compassion, but it will bring us to our Lord. The Savior said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35)

Remember:  Keep a penny in your shoe this is for the entire 14 days.  And don't forget to read your scriptures :) you can click the link below on a scripture suggestion to read!

Scripture Reading Suggestions:   Matthew 14:13–2 Matthew 20:27  Matthew 25:31–46 John 9:1–7; 13:4–5, 12–17  Luke 10:25–37  John 13:34–35  Mosiah 2:17  1 Nephi 11:31

Challenge for the day:  Every time you feel the penny in your shoe, look for the chance to do likewise as Christ.  Help someone, give a sincere smile or hello to anyone, sincerely tell the grumply checkout lady to have a good day, visist a nursing home, make a call to someone you know might need it, write a letter to somone in need, open the door for the little lady in front of you, just anything, there are a million tiny little things that are of service and fill our hearts with the spririt of Christ.  It doesn't have to be a big production, for in many cases its the letter recieved or the simple call that lifted someone and even saved them.

Journaling Thoughts:  What would I do today if Jesus were at my side.....

A story of hands:
During the second World War, a quaint littel French Village was bombed by mistake.  The villagers were forewarned by the air raid sirens and cleared out of the village before the bombing started.  Through tears of sadness they sat on a nearby hill all that night and watched the flashes and fires as the bombs leveled their town.
They returned to their village the next day and began digging in the rubble for anything salvageable.  There wasn't much.  But, all the villagers joined together in the effort to rebuild their home, from the bottom up.
As the rubble was cleared from the village square, several pieces of white marble were found; the remains of a statue that stood in the square.  It was precious to them, so the villagers called on the best sculptor to rebuild the old statue and it would serve as a remembrance of the rebuilding of the village.  The sculptor worked for years as they town was rebuilt,  on this great and important challenge.
Finally, as the remaining bit of paint was put on the last building and the streets were washed out for the last time, a veiled figure stood in the sqaure awaiting unveiling.  The villagers held a great three day celebration to commemorate the rebuilding of the village; and the last of the feature in the celebration, would  be for all to meet together at the town square for the unveiling.
At last the veil was removed.  There had before, in this spot, stood a statue of Christ with his hands stretched out for all,  and as the veil was  removed the Christ was renewed by the scupltor, yet, this statue had no hands, because the bombs blast hit too close and pulverized them beyond repair.  So in sculpting and renewing the prescious statue the hands could not be replaced therefore an inscription replaced them.  Where previously it read "Come unto Christ, now it read, "I have no hands but yours...."

In the service of others I know we will feel love today!  We will be the hands of Christ....

With Love from Dixie....


  1. We need to remember we are His hands in everything we touch.

  2. I'm enchanted with this piece. What a beautiful and so true story.