Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fritos and Sprite

Today is Sunday, a day that I personally set aside as holy and do my utmost to keep the Sabbath day Holy. For me I don't shop, go out to eat, play sports or go on outtings or do things that I can do during the week. Today is a day I dedicate soly to the Lord in doing his work and worshiping him, for I have 6 other days a week to do whatever I want. He has only asked me to give him one, and so I try my best to do so.

With that said let me that today is not only a Holy day, but a HOLIDAY. No not a regular holiday but a special day fust for me. Want to know why, of course you do Well I'm going to tell you.

For the past three almost four years I have had TERRIBLE gastritus. Its incredibly painful. For those who don't know what it is here is a link :)
I developed this because I loved Mountain Dew and was a frequent flyer for the Ibuprophen company, I think I owned stock! So needless to say I had to stop drinking sodas and eating anything that had any acid or caffine including juices. I had to change my entire diet and go to completely bland, even to the point of eating baby food for 6 months as the pain was so bad and somedsys I thought I was having a heart attack.

So, I saw a doc who figured out what was wrong and he gave me some wonderful medicine, (dexelaunt) and after about a year I started to really be healed. (there is a point to this story I promise)

Now along with the gastritis I suffered from daily severe migraines, that sometimes would be so bad it required an ambulance ride to the hospital. Well, the doc I was seeing for the gastritis thought that was unusal and that I was taking too much medicine so he did a blood test for allergies including food and WOW you wouldn't believe the results. I am allergic to Wheat, Milk, Peanut, Seasame, Tree nuts, shell fish, and many other outdoor things. He asked if I wanted to live in a bubble, can you belive that! However, there was some good to this. Just by a simple (well not simple) but just by a change in my diet, I was able to decrease my headaches by 75 percent, and the severity of them by 90 percent! IT WAS LIKE A MIRACLE!!! I could live again but not without a price.

If any of you are gluten free or dairy free you'll feel my pain. The trouble for me is that I am both Gluten and dairy free which doesn't leave much and is extremely costly. I've spent the last three years without anything made of flour without milk, without citric acid, and the list goes on and on......some days I just want to eat something and I can't just go and have anything, I have to ask for special menus and what kind of oil is used and I have to read the back of every package. You would be suprised what has lactoce, casien and whey (all milk products) in them. Things like lunch meat, hot dogs and chicken breasts. I can't shop like a normal person, its a true adventure just to get enough food for a week and then cook it.

Now let me tell you why today is a HOLIDAY. For the first time in three years I had a soda. A real sprite (one of those from mexico) in a glass bottle, and I drank the whole thing. But thats not the best part. Did you know that I'm not allergic to corn, no I'm not :))) and you know what else Fritos are only made of corn meal!! Yes thats right!! So today I had Fritos and sprite, I had REAL junk food! HURRAY!!
Notwithstanding, its not something I can do everyday, but for one day I was almost normal again and it was kool.

For those of you thinking of allergy testing let me tell you my experience. Don't do a scratch test its pointless. The results are not accurate and it causes much discomfort. Just go to your doctor and request the blood test it will be true and accurate.

If you are Gluten or a Dairy free or think you might me or just want to be here are a couple of links for you but my best advice is to read the back of everything and ask questions!

What did I learn today?
I learned that the brain of chiildren and teenagers doesn't fully develope until in their 20's and that the part of the brain that helps them to remember things goes wacky about the age of 14. This explains a lot and is something I think we should remember in rearing our children and teens.

What will I remember about today?
Even the most simple of things can make your day a Holiday :)

Whats to come?

Tune in tomorrow and find out!!

Until Then,
Love From Dixie

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