Friday, January 18, 2013

Ice-cream Anyone?

I've regualary been writing poetry now for seven years and I have a sight where I keep all my work. I haven't visited in a while as I haven't written in a while. But because of this blog, (I knew it would serve for some good :) I went there today and read through some of what I thought, were the more intesting titles and award winners. And you know what, I couldn't beleive that I had wrote these words. How could someone like me write something like these. They were actually good or at least for the moment I thought they were, and some of them had deep meaning for as I read and looked at when I had wrote the piece, it was at a specific time in my life when something was "going down" either in the family or persoanlly. I also see exactly how I was feeling and can now see how I have changed and was quite a trip today and so I thought I would share another piece with you. I am hopoing now to put forth some new work. I strongley encourage you all to write, whether it is a journal or blog or poetry or just anything. Just do it, its wonderful therapy and when you make progress and look back, you'll be like me and have a good day :)

Hope you enjoy this piece, it was a picture prompt contest. The picture was provided and I had to write something to fit it. It won first place twice (I had forgotten about that until I read it today) and so thats why I'm sharing it.

Thank you for being here and sharing my life with me!!

Love From Dixie :)

Does your ice-cream taste the same as it did then
Does the hint of vanilla take you back when
All in it was fresh from the garden and the cow
Not a staple but a treat managed to have somehow

When the family all gathered after church those Sundays
And everyone chipped in with something they made
A feast it became homemade food piled high
Then after came grandpa with that old bucket of ice
Crank and crank until it was done
Turn the handle each child was sure to have their fun
For a trophy it was when grandpa let them help
Then gobble it down they did before it melt

And on special occasions grandma added in something neat
Strawberry's or chocolate she had saved just to see
The smile the twinkle in her beloved family's eyes
For the old ice-cream bucket and the time of their lives

© Dawn Michelle, All rights reserved.