Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sacred Sister

When I was new,
she became my friend,
then I was called,
and her knowledge was lent.

I found I was sick,
she nursed me to health;
and when I broke down,
she returned me to stealth.

Once I was lost,
but she loved me patiently;
Then it became dark,
so she sent light faithfully.

And as I repented,
she stood by my side;
Happiness then came,
and we rejoiced by and by.

Grief discovered my heart,
so hers was heavy too;
she took hold of my hand,
and we cried rivers anew.

I needed encouragement then,
to keep going on,
she uplifted me high,
and life moved along.

Even so, I was afraid,
so she sat by my side;
and when I felt alone,
on my doorstep she would arrive.

My family was in great need,
she made them her own;
she clothed them and fed them,
and we were never alone.

But I wanted to shut down,
yet she held the door open;
her words, her love,
such beautiful emotion.

And though I felt like dying,
you know my life she saved;
she told me I had worth,
and helped me to pray.

Then finally I triumphed,
oh how she was, my biggest fan;
but I saw then she was in need,
so I quickly took her hand.

I clothed her and fed her
and brought light to her house;
she was my sister after all,
how could I not help.

I found then at times,
there were others in need;
I also found that sometimes
again it was me.

We serve each other valiantly,
so all can move in stride,
Zion our destination,
Jesus Christ at our side.

We are sisters in Zion,
we are Sisters in Christ,
sacred love our goal,
sacred service our life.....

**For My Sisters......
with love from Dixie <3