Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Day

Today is January 13 2013 and This is the first day of my new life, it begins now. My new goal, to blog, to journal and maybe, just maybe, it will be of service to someone, anyone....In reality will anyone follow this blog, probally not, will anyone read it, not likely, but in the end, I can say that I did it and a legacy will live on.

The agenda for today's journal, Twitter :) yes Twitter...I made an oath to myself that I would never tweet, then suddenly I discovered that the age of technology and social media is extravagant and I should utilize it for good and well maybe just for some good ole down home entertainment, so, last night; I tweeted! Wanna know who I talked to, of course you do so I'll tell you.

The first person I tweeted was Dance mom Jill from the lifetime sereies Dance Moms. I know what your thinking but I gotta say I saw something different in her than I did the others and truly I didn't tweet as a groupie but as a person, (because you know as a long time dance teacher and studio owner the show does have appeal for me) I was interested in her thoughts and opinions. And you know what, she answered me! I was so suprised for I had fears that like others from the show, she was no longer a "real" person, but true to my thinking, she is real and I sincerly wish the best for her and her family. And while I'm on the subject just let me say this, in general I am on Abby's side, no one see's what she goes through they only see the drama and sensationalism, but she is a wonderful at what she does and the dancers woudldn't be who they are without her. Granted her delivery can be a little harsh but hey, everyone knows her and if you go to her, you know what you getting into so give Abby a break will ya, and Abby keep Jill, she's an asset to you.

Okay enough TV drama now on to real life.

I also tweeted my wonderful Australia family, a big "shout" out to Wayane and 4030Lisa and Tony and JRB you guys are the best! But I can't forget my wonderful Southern sister Lisa, she tweeted with me too and is teaching me the ropes! Love you bunches Lisa so glad your in my life!

Now, Thoughts for today?

Fight Attendant training! Yes I can say that I love American Eagle Airlines, they have given me a chance to have my dream and I'm so excited I can hardly take it. I leave for training Feb 4th and will be gone the month of Feb and set for graduation the first week of March. I give a specail thanks to Tena my daugher for giving me a the desire to want to apply and also for hooking me up with a job at the airport that paved the way. And a special thanks to my adopted daughter Samantha :) Thank you for the lead and for walking me through this and giving me the confidence I needed. Love you girls. I also thank my family, my adorable husband and Awesoem son and sister and brother and everyone! Thank you for your love and support and help. And I must metion my facebook family, my freinds and loved ones from around the world, I can't imagine life without you thanks so much for your love and support!

Enough mushy stuff lets move on to bigger and better things.

How do I feel today?

This started out the be a downer of a day, I had a bad dream about my mom and dad. My dad died several years ago and the dream was disturbing I was really upset with both of them??? I think I might have some repressed anger???

Then my truck broke down along with the dryer and toilet and becuase I have to pay for the truck right away I may not get to go home to McAllen to visit my wonderul family next week as I had planned to, and that makes me really sad!!!

And then I felt really downhearted becuase I think I've lost the respect and love of a friend, but don't know what I did....

So when I started this little jaunt of a journal today i was feeling less that great, then suddenly I thought to myself, what if someone actaully reads this, they don't want to read about me being sad, so I thought to myself; "stop being a silly girl and pull your thoughts together your not the only one to ever feel this way and maybe in the past I have made others feel like I feel. Maybe I was the friend on the other side or maybe the friend I speak of feels like I do and its my fault and maybe everything broke for a reason you don't know whats in store for you..." Needless to say I can analyse a subect to death!! So, I talked myself out of being sad and started a blog woo hoo :))

What did I learn today?

My scripture study this morning, (I read every morning before starting the day) was in 2 Corinthians Chapter 11. In case you don't know, Corinthians was a letter written by the great apostle Paul to the church in Corinth to help them become firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And what really struck me is the story he told about himself, of how he had suffered for Christ. He recived five times, a punishment of 39 lashes or scourging because of his beliefs and adherence to them. Now let me explain for a moment the senario of these lashes. In Deuteronomy 25 it explains how Moses set down the principle that a guilty man could be lashed 40 times. The Jewish rabis reduced it to 39 so there wouldn't be a miscount and by the time Paul became an apostle, it had developed into brutality. It is an impressive claim from Paul that he endured this five times as more likely than not the victims died under such treatment. Also, Paul didn't have to submit to these treaments he could have used his roman citizenship and gotton out of it easy. But he was a Jew and in order to preach the gospel of Christ to the Jews properly he needed to enter the synagog and so he submitted to the treatment for a sinner, (as he was found blasphemous for his beliefs) and was scorged so that he would be considered clean and worthy to enter. What I thought in reading this was, am I, and are we, as children of God willing to submit to our test and trials so that we can be worthy? Would we as children of God be willing to stand up to society and the world for our belief in Jesus Christ the son of God? Some deep thoughts for they day but good ones I believe....

Movies Anyone...
I really want to see the movie "Lincoln" has anyone seen it yet I heard its up for an award???

And Finally What will I remember about this day?

I will remember that today I was stronger and smarter than I was yesterday and that tomorrow is another day....( I had to throw a little philosphy on the page)

What is to come?

Tune in tomorrow to read the thoughts and musings of Dixie Dawn and then start your own blog, I promise to be the fist to read!

Until then,
Love from Dixie :)