Monday, November 10, 2014

Its All About the Cookie

Lately I've been posting just blogs on the lessons I've been teaching at church and I have forgotten about the Journey, so today, I think I will continue on about this trip called life and write a travel log as well as the other and hope it brings a smile and some light to those who read, or who would so graciously follow me here :)

So the deal was, I just wanted to eat, eat something good.  That's how it started out anyway.  Those of you who know me know my food allergies, and as I now let the list begin it may take you a half an hour to read it ;)  The allergies are:  Wheat, Milk, Peanut, tree nut, sesame, shellfish, egg, soy and possibly turkey as of late.  I just wanted something good a cookie or something, it was Halloween and I wanted candy and cakes but not for me miss gluten diary everything free....and I must follow it religiously else the migraine headaches have  the power to put me in the hospital.  Which includes making sure the food items are not processed in facilities with my items, I can't even cook in the same pan as others, its literally serious business.  So I watch, as you eat your pies and cakes, or even just a plain ole sandwich, thankful in a way that I can't eat anything I want but missing my favorites.... until two weeks ago.

Backing up a little I have recently moved to East Texas, small town East Texas where you can't buy a gallon of milk after 10pm let alone gluten free anything!  :) and if your gonna by groceries at all its either Brookshires or Walmart, that's it no other choices therefore  I was having to drive two hours back to Dallas if I wanted any groceries that I could eat.   However, the gas and time it takes to do that was nearing impossible every week or two so the search began.  After much research on the net I found three possible stores in Tyler that could help me and we went off on a Saturday morning adventure.  And then it appeared....The huge sign that said "Fresh by Brookshires"  yes it was Brookshires version of Whole foods and I was  beginning to show signs of hope! 

I walked in the store and saw that it was indeed like a whole foods or more like a central market and so I set out in hopes of finding those things that I need like special dairy free soy free butter, cold rice milk, light brown rice bread, tuna without soy, soy and dairy free Mayo, just your basics....then I saw it...the cookie aisle.....yes indeed there was a gluten free cookie isle, and not just a gluten free, but an everything free cookie ailse cookies with nothing in them!!  Sounds insane right!  Yes insane yet shown in my eyes the glimmer of a happy child anticipating a grand gift or box of candy. 

I walked slowly down the isle seeing the old familars, those cookies that were everything free and about the size of a quarter tasting like buckwheat and cocoa....okay if you need something but not great and a hefty six dollars for a box of this was not what I had in mind  but it was better than nothing so sadly I took a box off the shelf and looked at it, as out of the corner of my eye I spotted them.  Boxes, big blue boxes of chocolate chip cookies, crunchy chips ahoy like cookies and it was then my mouth began to water.....really it did.....

I grabbed a box and gingerly turned it over prepared to read the ingredients and equally prepared to be disappointed  as those words I so love came out in bold dancing in my eyes:  nut free, dairy free, gluten free, everything free!!  and processed in a dedicated everything free facility!!  And only 3.99 a box!!  HOT DOG I HIT THE JACKPOT.

Quickly I began filling my cart with blue boxes, hoarding them as if a golden treasure I had found when the store attendant walked by and asked if he could help me and I actually gave him a hug for I was so happy.  He then led me to every item I came to purchase with a special emphasis on the milk aisle for a half a gallon of cold rice I know what your thinking.  Its just not the same, its not real milk and they're not real cookies in fact it sounds kinda gross right?  Yes I agree I most likely does but let me tell you as soon as I got to my car and tore open a box and stuck the first bite in my mouth it was far from gross, it was a piece of Heaven on earth!!  Oh the Joy!!  It was a crunchy chocolate chip cookie melting in my mouth and it tasted good!  How grateful I was at that moment that Heavenly Father gave someone the knowledge to make these cookies! YUMMMMMMMM!

I'm sure you can imagine what happened next, I had to have milk and so the carton came open and I chugged rice milk from the carton just like it was regular milk, yes my dear friends for one brief moment I was normal I drank from the carton and ate a whole box of cookies and I wasn't even depressed it was just plain fun!  The best part, two cookies only have 120 calories and 16 carbs what a bonus, it didn't make me fatter!!! And the winning streak didn't end there as last week I found coupons on the net for those very cookies and went back and got a dollar off each box!  WOW talk about tender mercies.

You might be thinking this doesn't qualify for a tender mercy that tender mercies come in bigger and different packages; but it is my belief that tender mercies are also those little gifts from Heavenly Father that may not be a serious need but something that would uplift us and make us feel better.  This indeed made me feel better and has continued to make me smile for almost a month for I have had something nice to enjoy to go along with the boring things I have to eat.  Sometimes it does become depressing and just miserable when trying to eat the way I do, so I felt that I was sent cookies, real cookies not fake yucky ones but real ones that would make me feel good and that they have.  I can say I have had a spring in my step and all from the taste of  simple cookie who would have thought.......

If your interested in these lovely cookies they are from Enjoy Life, that is the brand name and the are the blue box :)  that says crunchy on it.

And there you have Dixie Dawn's adventure for this week....its the little things that sometimes make life so special don't ya think.....

Hope you enjoyed it, see you next week
Love, From Dixie