Monday, January 14, 2013

After The Poem Has Gone

I write poetry and short stores as well as articles. I've been blessed to be published a time or two and have won a few contests. This particualry piece won recently and so I thought I would post it for today's post. The contest was a prompt contest and the prompt given was "after the poem has gone". A prompt contest means you are given a prompt line and aksed to write a piece that would reflect it. The title of this piece is called "The Dust of Lillies" and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!!

"The Dust of Lillies"

Those lilies of the field, they bloom no more,
yet even still, they're beauty remains,
and my memories,
do slowly dull,
those of you that used to live.

Stories from the past,
they have become dust,
I've swept them into piles
now residing in the corners of my mind.

See there, just beyond the door,
a fire burned in the hearth,
it flames now and again,
for a moment,
leaving me with a taste of long ago.

How bitter sweet the awakenings,
those pains not desired but required,
and so I sit,
here in the shadows,
awaiting the brush of an endless breeze,
whispering to me,
that once we were...
© Dawn Michelle, All rights reserved.

Love From Dixie :)